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Creating by hand since 1870.

The roots of Palácio International reach back to Italy, France and Germany where the ancestors of the Ambielli family joined the masters and craftsman of precision manufacturing and artistry. In 1870, John Ambielli, at the age of twenty-six, immigrated to America from Savoy, Italy to settle in Jersey City, New Jersey and begin his artisan fine woodworking business. He married Elizabeth Steiss of Merzalben, Germany. They had five children. John Louis Ambielli was one of their sons and he married Sophie Ring, who had immigrated to the US from Frankfurt, Germany. They had eight children, one of which was Frederick Ambielli. He married Sylvia Giuliano (one of the eight children of Adam Giuliano of Campobasso, Italy) and they had three children, one of whom is John Michael Ambielli. John Michael Ambielli married Barbara Louise Braun (whose family hailed from Bavaria, Germany and Strasburg, France). They have five children, one of whom is John Frederick Ambielli.
Palácio’s President and CEO, John Frederick Ambielli, has been formally trained as a materials engineer with two Masters degrees in the field, but has always nurtured and maintained his passion for artistic creativity and expression.

In an unbroken lineage through five generations, Palácio International proudly embodies its central defining axiom:

Creating by hand since 1870

Home fitness equipment for people with exquisite taste.

Palácio Home Fitness produces very unique home fitness equipment. Many people are choosing to work out in their homes and currently the choices in home fitness equipment are frankly quite ugly. Our equipment is designed with our customer’s home décor at the top of our attention. We believe that beautiful fitness equipment attracts the user to actually use it more. And when not in use, the owner feels great leaving it out in the open.

Unique products to enhance life.

Palácio Design brings to market extraordinary products of impeccable craftsmanship and design. Form and function unite in our products to achieve the ultimate goal: 100% fully satisfied customers. We currently have seven incredible products in development, three of which are COVID-19 trend-friendly.

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